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@lydia, this looks good but i'll go with your words and not try it.
Orange, Mango, Blueberry Juice Mar 01 @ 12:59 PM
@lydia, i think it's worth it. great place to chill with friends over beer and some small tasters
Kakimayo Mar 01 @ 12:58 PM
looks so good
Garoupa and Fried Bean Curd in Hot Pot Mar 01 @ 12:55 PM
this definitely looks good. steak looks big. too bad you don't remember the price brian.
Steak Sandwich Mar 01 @ 12:53 PM
Rodney's oysters never disappoint. Enough said.
Oysters Feb 06 @ 4:34 PM
It's as good as it looks! Pricey but once in a while a treat is good.
Bob Shooter Feb 06 @ 4:27 PM
Try it! It's so good here.
Tuna Taco Feb 06 @ 4:26 PM
the meat looks tender and well cooked, the next time i'm craving a jerk chicken wrap i'll go here
Jerk Chicken Wrap Feb 02 @ 8:24 PM
Love, love, love this dish....then again, I love anything kalbi. The steak was tender and marinated to perfection.
Kalbi Rib Steak Dec 06 @ 5:52 PM
This dish was alright. It's very tasty but a tad too mushy for my liking.
Tuna Tower Dec 06 @ 5:50 PM
I don't see anything so special about this drink for it to be $4.75, it's just strawberries and yogurt -- something I could make at home for a fraction of the price. It may be the picture itself.
Strawberry Yogurt Dec 06 @ 5:48 PM
I've tried this before, twice actually. The first time was delicious and the consistency was soft and moist; the second time wasn't so great as I remembered it to be, it was a tad firmer and less "bouncy" for lack of a better word. Nonetheless, it is overall a great alternative to the traditionally thick cheesecake.
Tofu Cheesecake Dec 06 @ 5:43 PM
this looks explosively good. i've never been much of a fan for the durian fruit because of the smell, but if it's light and creamy then it should be a good way of trying out the fruit for the first time.
Durian Pancake Dec 05 @ 5:55 PM
thanks so much buttarcup! i will definitely take your advice when i visit!
Oysters Oct 13 @ 9:19 PM
that's a soup? totally not how i envisioned it when reading the name. looks good though!
Baked Lobster and Crab Soup Oct 01 @ 12:50 PM
nice shot! those oysters look so gooood. i've heard great things about Rodney's, and now looking at pictures like these, I get an idea of what ppl are saying...
Oysters Oct 01 @ 12:49 PM
you captured that entire massive burger! i don't know if i'd ever eat that...but i would definitely recommend it to friends i know who love and appreciate unique burgers!
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