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Thai Islamic Noodles - Salad King

Thai Islamic Noodles - Salad King
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Rice noodles, broccoli, carrots, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and egg + curry Veggie Only: 9.00, Chicken: 10.00, Shrimp & Chicken: 10.50,

Submitted by: Lacey (Phenu Staff)    Restaurant: Salad King

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1 . This is not on Salad King's regular menu, you have to specially order it with the server. Not sure why but this dish is amazing! It's more creamy than their regular but so much more tasty.
sweettings  Dec 12 @ 1:58 PM
2 . This is my fave dish at salad king... the pad thai comes in a close 2nd. Islamic noodles is very creamy and rich but its not heavy. I love it in the veggie option.
moomoo  Dec 13 @ 8:02 PM