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@moomoo & mikeb, you guys have to try it, it's amazing and you won't look at traditional pizza the same way.
Mediterranean Zazzu (Pizza cone) Dec 21 @ 7:55 PM
this roll is very messy looking and looks like everything's slopped on, but it's a very good explosion in your mouth.
Godzilla Roll (8pcs) Dec 21 @ 7:51 PM
the wings here are amazing! it's so big and juicy compared to other places. the sweet thai flavour is very good.
Chicken Wings tossed with Buffalo Butter Sauce Dec 21 @ 7:48 PM
This is not on Salad King's regular menu, you have to specially order it with the server. Not sure why but this dish is amazing! It's more creamy than their regular but so much more tasty.
Thai Islamic Noodles Dec 12 @ 1:58 PM
buttery scallop and melts in your mouth! it's a small portion and i usually can finish one all by myself.
Hotate Butter Dec 12 @ 1:14 PM
I order this every time I eat at Guu. I wouldn't put any of the salt that comes with the dish on, it tastes amazing just the way it is.
Kakimayo Dec 12 @ 1:13 PM
This dish is so good. So many flavours and textures all in one dish.
Buta Shabu Salad Dec 12 @ 1:12 PM
it tastes as good as it looks! It's crunchy, sweet, and refreshing. i'd ask for a bit more dressing though.
Toula's Amore Salad Dec 09 @ 7:49 PM
There wings are generous size and the french fries are so crispy and moist. Hot Sweet Asian is the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.
Hot Sweet Asian Wings Dec 09 @ 7:35 PM
I tried this last month and in my opinion it's not tasty. The smoke meat does not go well with fries...
Montreal Poutine Dec 09 @ 7:29 PM
This one ranks as my top choice at Smoke's Poutinerie. It's pure vegetarian and tastes more light and less greasy as the others. Great post clubbing snack ;)
Nacho Grande Poutine Dec 09 @ 7:22 PM
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