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2 . This food was good, however you must check your bill...bill is written in chinese and when you check the total amount they usually round it up to what price they think is right, not the right price....our bill should have been $62.12, but it was rounded up to $70....were were told that our meal was extra because we didn't get squid and pork in it, so they charged an extra $4 + tax...$62.12 + 4.52 = $66.64 not $70...check your bill
mikalm  Aug 04 @ 11:16 PM
1 . I've going to Rolsan on Spadina since forever. Food is great but got pricey like everything else. No problem. When we got the bill it was $9.00 extra. Must have been an honest mistake. He apologized and issue solved. We went back the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time and the same thing happened. What the hell was happening here? We looked around and realized that they are taking advantage of intoxicated party goers especially in large groups and charging them extra. They write your order in Chinese wi
Mery21  Mar 31 @ 3:21 PM




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