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hmmmm tried this at gabby's it's a must try my fave is the prime rib slider...craving for it now @ Slider Trio
JackieOO Dec 08 @ 2:09 PM
would love to try this one! @ Chicken Pad Thai
vanessa01 Apr 15 @ 2:17 AM
yummy looks so good! @ Chicken & Shrimp Pad Thai
vanessa01 Apr 15 @ 2:17 AM
yummy looking! @ Sweet & Sour Breaded Shrimps
vanessa01 Apr 15 @ 2:12 AM
i love spring rolls!!! @ Pho Pia Tod (Spring Rolls) 2 Pcs
vanessa01 Apr 15 @ 2:11 AM
this looks amazing! gonna go here to eat @ Pad Preow Wan Goong (Sweet & Sour Shrimp)
vanessa01 Apr 15 @ 2:09 AM
Yummy looking!! @ Pad Thai
Lenna Mar 29 @ 12:47 PM
Uhhh.......Spaghetti with Meat Balls.......Yummy!!! @ Spaghetti
HungryBear Mar 25 @ 12:23 PM

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One of the best fried rice you'll eat! I also would like to recommend salmon fried rice, personally I like salmon fried rice better.
Empress Fried Rice (eel, fish roe, and crab meat) Feb 11 @ 12:18 AM
This cheese cake is light and soft like Reese except healthier. For those who are health conscious and doesn't like sweet, this is a better alternative than regular cheese cake. I've bought the whole cake once, it was good.
Tofu Cheesecake Dec 05 @ 10:31 PM
I'll take back the comment for the other burger, this burger is the ultimate burger! again, great picture, nice angle and I love how you blur the background. Amazing picture.
Origin Burger Sep 30 @ 4:12 PM
This is one of a kind burger. I'm so hungry now. Nice angle, great shot!
Quadruple C Burger Sep 30 @ 4:08 PM
It looks very nice and tasty. Your pictures are amazing!
Emerald Dragon Maki Roll Sep 27 @ 2:21 AM
Looking at this makes me hungry :) I usually don't eat anything that's too creamy, but this looks just right. I'm gonna give this a try.
Linguine Con Pollo Sep 11 @ 10:05 PM
Excellent field of dept and focus, very nice picture. I never knew they do the birthday thing on Sushi Pizza, I'm gonna get me one of this.
Sushi Pizza Mar 25 @ 6:26 AM
Very good picture, nice blend of light and color. Btw, food looks good too.
Tom Yum Goong Mar 25 @ 6:21 AM
I ate this at Kanda sushi a week ago, it's small but very tasty...absolutely 4 out of 5. But the restaurant is all you can eat so order as much as you want :)
Avocado Sushi Pizza Mar 25 @ 6:01 AM
I think only Sushi Queen Izakaya has Paris Rolls. They look amazing, and tastes amazing too. If you can eat raw stuff, it's worth a try. It will melt in your mouth. Personally, I've tried this. I love it but Godzilla Roll is still the best in Sushi Queen Izakaya.
Paris Roll (6pcs) Mar 21 @ 10:25 PM © 2010

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