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this looks explosively good. i've never been much of a fan for the durian fruit because of the smell, but if it's light and creamy then it should be a good way of trying out the fruit for the first time. @ Durian Pancake
kevapple Dec 05 @ 5:55 PM
durian-- king of fruits. will definitely try this one out @ Durian Pancake
moomoo Nov 23 @ 5:01 PM
ooouuuhhhhhh sashimi me want some!! @ Special Boat B
MyaMai Apr 12 @ 12:02 AM
Yummy @ Crazy roll
HungryBear Apr 11 @ 4:14 PM
delicious @ Special Boat B
HungryBear Apr 11 @ 4:13 PM
wow looks good and so much food! where was this? @ Special Boat B
Lenna Apr 10 @ 3:45 PM

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My Recent Reviews and Comments
This french toast looks awesome. I feel like some right now!
French Toast Feb 12 @ 8:52 PM
This is the most interesting pizza I have ever seen!
Fredo (Vegan) Feb 12 @ 8:50 PM
This looks really good! I always go to congee wong.. I must order this next time. I love eel!
Empress Fried Rice (eel, fish roe, and crab meat) Feb 12 @ 8:49 PM
These are the best! I always order this appy whenever i'm at salad king
Crispy Spring Rolls (3 pcs) Feb 07 @ 6:04 PM
I don't like the hot and sour soup here. its quote diluted and missing something to me.
Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup Feb 07 @ 6:03 PM
I love ketchup.. but not in my pad thai lol I love the pad thai here.. it got me through school lol
Phud Thai Feb 07 @ 6:01 PM
Looking at this makes me so hungry!
Whole Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb Feb 07 @ 5:57 PM
This salad looks absolutely adorable. Can anyone tell me how it tastes?
Toula's Amore Salad Dec 06 @ 6:26 PM
This is so delicious. Very buttery and creamy.
Kakimayo Dec 06 @ 6:21 PM
This looks like something your mom would make. I love comfort food.
Chicken Parmigiana  Dec 06 @ 6:19 PM
This is not for everyone. If you like durian this is a must try-- light, creamy and fragrant.
Durian Pancake Nov 23 @ 4:52 PM
I love this Northern Vietnamese dish. It's fried tilapia with dill leaves.
Cha Ca La Vong May 17 @ 5:11 PM
wow that looks so neat!
Hirame Maki May 06 @ 7:35 PM
looks so yummy.. and such a good deal! i def need to go here with my student budget
Shawarma Pita + Pop May 06 @ 7:34 PM
i just these today. so good
Gyoza May 06 @ 7:32 PM
i love mango salad. so healthy!
Thai Mango Salad May 06 @ 7:29 PM
this butter chicken looks so good right now!
Butter Chicken / Murgh Makhani May 06 @ 7:26 PM
wow this is a great pic! looks so good
Guacamole and Nachos  May 06 @ 7:23 PM
mmm this makes me so hungry!
Rice Noodle May 06 @ 7:22 PM
everything looks so good at 93.. i really must check this place out!
Fesenjan Chicken May 06 @ 7:11 PM
my fav! love this soup.. so yummy
Pork Bone Soup May 06 @ 7:09 PM
Omg those nachos look so good right now!
Nachos May 06 @ 7:09 PM
interesting use of king mushroom.
King Oyster Mushroom Burger Roll May 06 @ 6:47 PM
i love spicy salmon, must really try this one!
Spicy Salmon Dragon (8pcs) May 06 @ 6:46 PM
wow this dish looks so delicious! also not a bd price too
Tuna Carpaccio May 06 @ 6:45 PM
pi-tom's presentation is always so delicious looking!
Pineapple Fried Rice May 06 @ 6:34 PM
mmm love waffles!
Belgium Waffle & Chocolate May 06 @ 6:33 PM
Best when its hot and fresh!
Spice and pepper squid Apr 15 @ 1:16 PM
I never knew spring rolls has sushi!
Rock 'n' Roll Apr 15 @ 10:38 AM
wow that looks good! southern mixed with italian? interesting
Jambalaya Fettuccini  Apr 15 @ 10:37 AM
wow that looks so delicious!
Stuffed Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese Apr 11 @ 11:50 PM
They called these spring rolls? They are salad rolls or cold rolls.. my fav!
Fresh Springrolls Apr 10 @ 3:34 PM
Lots of sashimi and sushi served with a side of tempura prawns and veggies. So yummy and filling. Great to share.
Special Boat B Apr 10 @ 3:28 PM
omg im so hungry now!
Sashimi Salad Apr 09 @ 11:32 AM
omg im craving this right now!
Godzilla Roll (8pcs) Apr 03 @ 9:34 PM
*drooling here!
Akai Sushi - Seared Sashimi Apr 03 @ 9:32 PM
Good roll. Its fried so its gooy and warm :)
Crazy roll Mar 21 @ 10:56 PM © 2010

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